Sure, what do you want to know?

Let me tell you why I like doing this so much...

bart Hey hey,
I’m Bart and I like to ‘make’ photos with people.

‘MagIkJeFotoMaken’ would translate to something like ‘May I Make Your Photo’. A bit after the Idea of Asel Adams that you don’t take a picture, but you ‘make’ it. (Even in Dutch this is not a valid/correct sentence.)

I’m a native Dutch speaker and I live in Mechelen, somewhere between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium, Europe.

This is not the only thing I like to photograph, but I’m a strong beleaver that a portfolio should reflect what you want to do more of in the future and less what you have done in the past. So I hope that with this ‘past work’, I can persuade you to colab together on an idea or moodboard and have our work added to this list of fine memories.

OK, your turn. How do you see us colaborating?